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Cheering on our record breaker

Published on: 28th January 2015
By Green Jersey Cycling

Yesterday we went to cheer on Steve Abraham who is attempting to break Tommy Godwin's 75 year old highest annual mileage cycling record. So far this year Steve has cycled over 5,200 miles, a staggering effort at this time of year. Yesterday, Steve rode from his home in Milton Keynes to Blandford. My wife used to do this trip for work and it used to take her 3 hours in a car. Steve has ridden the equivalent of this every day so far this year, and this was his first foray into Dorset.

Courtesy of Steve's live tracker we were able to anticipate his whereabouts, but even then we came across him sooner than we thought. Standing by the roadside just after Cranborne at 8.30 in the evening, on the road to Wimborne, Steve was cycling along at a great pace and his front lights soon came sweeping past. After a bit of vocal encouragement I drove up the road and repeated the exercise.

I was struck by the quiet determination and the metronomic pace as Steve made his way inevitably towards his overnight stop. Here was a man who, in my opinion, is worth a thousand overpaid footballers and who deserves a far wider audience than he will probably get. Even to embark on such a project takes courage beyond the measure of most people; to turn out and cycle whatever the weather, regardless of ailments and however tired the legs is worthy of great recognition. Our admiration of these qualities has prompted us to sponsor Steve in this heroic endeavour.

Steve's website is here

Green Jersey Cycling: 28th Jan 2015 09:00:00