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Hotels | Green Jersey French Cycling Tours


The hotels we use are a very important part of your holiday. We want you to be comfortable and have a good night's sleep, followed by a filling breakfast. We predominantly (ie 95% of the time) use individually owned character hotels where the owners offer you a warm welcome. We hardly ever use chain hotels except where there is no alternative. We have got to know most of our hoteliers and they have got to know us. Generally they are at the upper end of the 3*** scale with some 4**** ones used too. Very occasionally there will be a more simple one, but again this is only where there is no alternative and is generally on a route across France where the options are limited. The welcome you receive is very important to us; our philosphy is that we would want to be happy to stay there ourselves on holiday.

Many of our hotels also have a restaurant where we eat at night. The evening meal is a social occasion where we enjoy local food and wine. Usually, this is a three course meal and some table wine is included (this can either be in a bottle or a French carafe); whatever is local.

Most will have a bar for post-ride refreshment; some will have a swimming pool although this is more common in the south than the north. There is always secure bike storage. We try and find individual hotels in interesting places and we always ask for feedback from our riders so we know which ones they like and which ones they don't; our decisions and planning for the following year will take this feedback into account!

Below you can see some of our current hotels to give you an idea of the sort of places we use.