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The Cycling Specialists

Great Connection

Ariane is French so can organise your holiday down to the last detail and ensure that everything is as it should be. Charlie spent much of nhis childhood in Germany and studying in France, Germany and Scandinavia. Our backroom staff set-up is  a crucial part of Green Jersey Cycling Tours, and are available 24/7 in case of problems or emergencies. It is reassuring to know that there is always someone on hand to help should anyone need it without having to worry about language or cultural differences.

Similarly, our tour guides are either fluent or very proficient in the langiaigrs of the countries we cover and are well versed in providing you with all your needs. They will guide you through restaurant menus and will know the local names for the parts of your bike that you may not even know in English. On some days our tour guides may ride with you, on others they will be in the minibus; whichever, they are only a mobile call away.

British & European Cycling Specialists

For many years we have cycled in France at every opportunity, from north to south, south to north, east to west and west to east. And diagonally too. We know from experience that it may seem simple to say 'today we'll go from A to B' but that the road which seems the quietest on the map may be the local rat run or the route to the local quarry. For this reason we carry out reconnaissance trips on all of our routes to ensure that you are getting to see the best of a region. Of course there will be occassions where they may be a little traffic but we strive to keep these to the very minimum, preferring to take cycle paths into towns and using quiet roads that you only know about if you know the area. We enjoy poring over maps working out the best routes, then riding them to see if they work or not.

Thoroughly Researched Hotels

We know from experience that there are differences in outlook on the continent. For example, many hotels view a single croissant and a cup of coffee as a hearty breakfast - and charge 10 euros for it! We select only those hotels which offer a generous breakfast (often a comprehensive buffet) as you don't want to be feeling peckish half an hour after setting off. Similarly whilst France is undoubtedly home to some fine restaurants, it also has its share of mediocre ones too. We check that the food and wine you are going to get is up to a decent standard. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

We don't only stay at top-end hotels. On most trips there is a mixture of three and four star hotels. Some are small village affairs, others are in a chateau. What is important to us is that it is clean and comfortable and that the owners give you a warm welcome and look after you. In remote areas there isn't always a huge choice but we plan the route accordingly. The hotels we choose are a big part of our holidays with character and local owners, not chain hotels. In this way we invest on the local economy and help keep the areas we visit sustainable viable for  local people and their children.

In depth Knowledge

Due to our experience of the continent we can offer advice on pretty much any aspect of your holiday. The most obvious example of this is your travel arrangements. We know when and where to look to get the best travel deals, and although you book it yourself, we will point you in the right direction. It's always best to book in advance so we advise not leaving the booking of your holiday to the last minute as by then the best deals have gone.