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Loire Valley

UNESCO world heritage site? World’s finest collection of renaissance architecture? Playground of kings and princes? Whatever your reason for visiting the Loire Valley superlatives do not suffice and you will not be disappointed. The French half of Green Jersey Cycling grew up in the Loire Valley; the other half has been visiting it for over 30 years. We therefore not only know it intimately but also know where to go and where to avoid; where the tourist traps are and where the hidden gems are; in short, how and where to make the most of your biking vacation.

As well as the chateaux of the Loire there are many pretty villages, impressive churches and monasteries reflecting the history of the region, troglodyte houses and ancient woodlands through which to ride. The area has several other large rivers running through it in addition to the Loire. The local wines are justifiably renowned and much of the local cuisine is based on the fish inhabiting the rivers. The cycling is not overly challenging, making this an ideal place to enjoy a cycle touring holiday whilst stopping at the numerous places of interest.

The Green Jersey French Cycling Tours which cover the Loire Valley are:

Loire Valley Classic
Loire Source to Sea