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Financial security with Green Jersey Cycling Tours

Published on: 1st May 2017
By Green Jersey Cycling

In the wake of the failure of a cruise line this week, it is important to have full financial protection in place, says Charlie Bladon whose cycling company Green Jersey French Cycling Tours has benefitted from such protection from the day they started organising cycling tours in France.

'I felt it was an essential component of any offering from a holiday company. Our customers work hard so that they can enjoy their holidays with peace of mind. Part of that peace of mind comes with booking safe in the knowledge that their money is protected. Even though we don't offer transport elements, and are therefore not bound by the European Package Travel regulations, we nevertheless comply with those regulations for our clients' benefit.'

'It surprises me how many travel companies do not offer such a guarantee. Should anything untoward happen, those companies' holidaymakers would be left high and dry with no redress whatsoever.'

Green Jersey Cycling Tours is a member of the Travel Trust Association and all client monies are paid into a protected account until your holiday is over. We have always believed our customers come first, and they always will do.

Green Jersey Cycling: 1st May 2017 09:00:00