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Loire Valley Cycling passing by the Chateau de Chambord

Published on: 12th March 2012
By Green Jersey Cycling

The Loire Valley Classic passes all the major chateaux, beautiful river-side scenery, caves, vineyards, forests and cornfields.

Our Loire Valley cycle route runs by a whole host of world famous chateux, the largest of which and most recognisable is Chateau de Chambord with very distinct French Renaissance architecture. The chateau was built as a hunting lodge for King Francois 1 and is the largest we will visit on this Loire Valley cycling holiday - have a look at our photo below.

If you would like to join us and take on a Green Jersey Cycling challenge and choose a classic cycling holiday through France. 
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Below the view of Chateau Chambord from across the moat - being such an iconic building, images and logos have been created of Chambord to sell many types of French products over the years such as chocolate or alcohol!


Green Jersey Cycling: 12th Mar 2012 09:00:00