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Lunch Stops and French Markets

Published on: 12th April 2012
By Green Jersey Cycling

Virtually every village on our cycling tours will have a market at least once a week. Sometimes this might just be a man with a stall selling fruit, sometimes more elaborate but they’re all great. Think of those cooking programmes where passionate chefs roam markets, really getting involved with the produce, the smell and size of the fruits in French markets are super-charged compared to our UK chains!

When you are using so much energy on a biking holiday, you will need regular sustenence and we always know the best spots for cafes and restaurants along with the traditional picnic - what better lunch than a good French bread with some local cheese? Cycling holidays in Europe really give you a chance to get into the culture, the language and meet the people and buy the produce from small villages to large towns. What's more, when you're on your bike for most of the day, you can eat and drink without feeling guilty!



Green Jersey Cycling: 12th Apr 2012 09:00:00