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Cycling in Brittany amongst the Myths

Published on: 22nd January 2013
By Green Jersey Cycling

For those keen on Cycling Brittany, our Brittany Forests and Legends tour is steeped in legend. 

On day 1, Mont St Michel is an awe-inspiring view which makes for a great destination along the Brittany coast-line. 

Day 3 takes you into the Forest of Paimpont, an ancient woodland which used to cover most of the centre of Brittany. Legends has it  that the wizard Merlin was supposed to have lived and died here, and the forest plays an important part in (the French version of) Arthurian legend. We take you past his final resting place. There is something rather magical about this place and we provide a picnic under the shade of ancient oak trees."Magical

Day 4 contains the pre-historic megaliths of Carnac where more than 3,000 standing stones were hewn from local rock and erected by the pre-Celtic people of Brittany, they make the largest such collection in the world.

Green Jersey Cycling cover the best parts of France and highlight the diversity and interest this wonderful country has to offer.
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