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Bored of beach holidays? Get on your bike!

Published on: 31st January 2013
By Green Jersey Cycling

You can't escape the barrage of holiday adverts in January, tempting us to jet off to sunny beaches, but what will you actually acheive apart from a tan?

If you lead an active lifestyle you might be considering skiing, trecking, sailing, diving or canoeing, but we're obviously flying the flag for the cycling holiday

The sense of acheivement you will feel after a full week on wheels is amazing. Taking on the length or bredth of a whole country is something you can talk about in years to come and people will admire and respect your stamina! 

Let Green Jersey Cycling plan your cycling holiday in France, making each step stress-free and enjoyable, from hotels and bags to food and wine, call us on +44 (0)7974 148229.

Green Jersey Cycling: 31st Jan 2013 09:00:00