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Put off by Pot Holes?

Published on: 13th February 2013
By Green Jersey Cycling


The snow has melted from our Dorset roads, and taken large sections of tarmac with it leaving the majority of country lanes looking worse for wear. 
The daily down-pours of rain don't help, which hides the worst and deepest offenders! You certainly have to keep your wits about you and dodge them.
Don't forget that we can all do our bit for getting the roads fixed by reporting outrages at www.FillThatHole.Org.UK.
There's even a mobile phone app, so you can report that latest bomb crater you've managed to dodge from the roadside.
Currently 35 riders per day log problems on the site with a 30 per cent success rate for repairs.
Source Cycling Weekly for the stats. 
All the more reason to book a cycling holiday in France!?

Green Jersey Cycling: 13th Feb 2013 09:00:00