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Cycle to School with The Big Pedal

Published on: 20th February 2013
By Green Jersey Cycling

It's always great to see more cyclists and new young cyclists learning to use our roads safely. That's why we were happy to see this article in one of our local papers:

Dorset pupils urged to join The Big Pedal campaign

The Big Pedal is a campaign run by the charity Sustrans from 28th Feb to the 20th March, encouraging kids to ride their bikes to school.

The first day 28th Feb, children raise money by dressing as Superheros and riding to school!
How could we not support this when we could hope to see superman, spiderman, batman and wonder-woman cruising along to school on our Dorset roads, we are sure it will be a sight to behold! 


Green Jersey Cycling: 20th Feb 2013 09:00:00