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Do you know your pancakes?

Published on: 2nd December 2013
By Green Jersey Cycling

Whilst the UK gears up for one evening of pancakes a year on Shrove Tuesday, in France they eat them all year. In fact, they have two types, especially in the north western region of Brittany.

The savoury pancake, called a galette, is made with buckwheat flour and is a darker brown. It is topped with anything to hand, but especially ham, mushrooms, cheese, sliced potatoes and even a fried egg. They are a main course in themselves.

For dessert a crepe is normal, with buerre sucre being a favourite topping, or banana and whipped cream, or nutella. If you have a sweet tooth there are plenty of options.

Our Brittany Explorer trip will give you plenty of opportunity to taste these wonders.

Traditionally these are washed down with a bowl of local cider. I'm hungry just writing this!

Green Jersey Cycling: 2nd Dec 2013 09:00:00