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Ones to watch for the future

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A selection of rides we are planning for future years to coincide with special events and anniversaries. 

What you can expect

Below is a selection of one-off rides that we are planning to run. They fit in with our philosophy of celebrating an anniversary or marking an event; often they are a journey to make the arrival that much sweeter.

More detail

2020: Oberammergau Passion Play

Every ten years since 1634 the inhabitants of this small Bavarian village have performed a Passion Play, based around the events surrounding the death of Christ, to give thanks for being spared from the Black Death. The whole village is involved and the participants must all have been born in Oberammergau - but this is far from an amateur production, rather one of the highest quality. We rode this route in 2010, the last time the play was performed. Whether you wish to visit for religious reasons, or to see one the most historic cultural events in Europe, or to re-create the happenings in Jerome K Jerome's 'Three Men on a Pilgrimage', this is an event you will always remember. The route takes you north of Paris then across France to the southern Vosges, via Verdun, and into Germany passing the source of the Danube, Lake Constance and finally to the little village near the famous ski resort of Garmsich-Partenkirken. A true journey giving a real reason to travel. 10 days cycling, 2 days in Oberammergau. Not to be missed, this is why travel was invented! 

We have had quite a few expressions of interest for this ride and we will be emailing those who have contacted us as soon as we have our ride dates in 2018, so be sure to get in touch if you like the sound of it!

For details of any of the rides on this page, which will be added to as the rides are formulated, email us here.

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